This year it was the south coast's turn: We made it to the Sunshine State.

First we were staying in a hotel at Miami Beach for 9 days.
Then we went on to Orlando for 12 days, were we rented a house with own swimmingpool (absolutely beautiful!) and visited the many amusement parks nearby, for example Walt Disney World.

So here are a couple of pictures of our three weeks at Florida.

At the garden of a Spanish style villa in Miami, the "Villa Vizcaya"

Villa Vizcaya, in one of the many pavilions
(and one of the best pictures of me, in my opinion)

At the "Coral Castle" in Miami, a park built about 1930 out of corals

Coral Castle, in front of the "Moon Pond"

At the "Miami Seaquarium"

At probably the most famous amusement park in the world: Walt-Disney-World Orlando!
Here in the first of the four theme parks, the "EPCOT Center", in front of the well-known sphere "Spaceship Earth"

EPCOT Center, a small part of the "World Showcase", where many countries are represented through smaller copies of well-known landmarks and shows around a lake; into the bargain the fireworks of EPCOT is arranged here every night

In the second of the four theme parks, the "Animal Kingdom".
In the background the "Tree of Life", the symbol of this park, in whose trunk there's a wood carving that shows many animals which describe the circle of life

In the third theme park, the "Disney/MGM-Studios".
Here a copied New York street scene; only the houses in the foreground are real, the houses at the back are cardboard (:-) !

Disney/MGM-Studios, the "Tower of Terror",
where you can drop 13 floors in an elevator

In the forth theme park, the "Magic Kingdom", the core of Walt Disney World;
infront of "Cinderella Castle"

Our rented house and rented car

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