Did you see the flash of light
and the look, so wild
in my eyes at night?
And hear me laughing like a child?

Did you hear the thunder rumbling
in my ears, in my heart?
Did you see me tumbling
into your arms, to be your part?

Did you feel the stormy wind
in your hair, on your skin?
Did you see the bright stars glint
and the big, cold moon shinin' ?

Did you feel the rain
patter on the roof above?
Did you feel my pain
when you refused my love?

Did you see me running
out again, into the night?
Having done with life, first so stunning
Did you know you let me out of your sight?

Do you realise
what happened at that night?
That every breath, the air and you
felt as cold as ice?

Do you know the clouds were torn,
Do you know the lightnings were taking form,

Do you know it's been

by Janis Purucker, 1999