What is it, that is called LOVE?
Do we have to pay attention?
Is it something given from heaven above -
Or an infernal invention?

After sun there comes rain
After the last tear there comes the last breath
After pleasure there comes pain
After beauty there comes death.

When there's Love in our heart
There's nothing you can compare.
Don't try to be apart
'Cause Love is there to share.

Isn't Love a great feeling?
Isn't it fabulous?
Isn't it something enticing?
Isn't it ... DANGEROUS?

Doesn't it tempt us to do something
We're never dreaming of?
Doesn't it make us flying
Doesn't it make us crying
Isn't it Just Love?

It's like an obsession
It's like fire
It's a confession
It's a denier.

It can be passionate
It can be misleading
It can turn into hate
It can be a beating.

It can be shy
It's a thrill
It can be a lie
It's even able to kill.

Love is not just a name
It never can be harmless
And it can be a risky game
It's just fantastic ... AND dangerous!

by Janis Purucker, 1998