Dark castle over there built on ruins
filled with dust, fog and mysterious flair ...
the place where my mind and my love is
and the everlasting night I wanted to share.

The cloudy sky hangs high above it,
the air is heavy at the lee.
I long for a small part of the walls, just a bit
that brings the memory back to me.

On the big, wide country I cast my eyes
full of doubts it comes back again.
And all what I'm damned to see now
is just the dirty black rain.

What happened to you, ol` rustling river?
What about your big brother, the sea?
All changed, all died ... it makes me shiver ...
And it's so terrible to me.

And when I came over again to all this,
like the dirty black rain I was fallin` down.
I never knew what it means to miss ...
now someone else has to wear the crown.

So don't dare to say you need me.
And don't try to get me back here.
Perhaps there'll be another life, we'll see ...
just one thing: I STILL LOVE YOU, MY DEAR.

by Janis Purucker, 1998